The Bakery

Putting the customer first

Everything we do here at the bakery is done with the customer in mind. Using the very best equipment available, we are ideally placed to focus on our customers’ needs. Our employees are very passionate about both the product and the process. In our opinion, this is the only way to offer customers and consumers the very best bread experience.

In-house stock management, an extensive distribution network and a range of production options ensure that customers receive the best level of service.

Sustainable and forward-looking

Besides the customer, sustainability is another important spearhead for the bakery. With this in mind, we only use LED lighting and all of our equipment is set up to keep power usage to a minimum.

Passionate about the product

The quality of the bread we bake is always consistent. This continuity is very important to our customers and we understand why. Our production equipment and strict quality requirements enable us to guarantee the consistency that customers demand.

Wonderful grain varieties, sourdoughs developed in-house, unique recipes and long process times. You can taste the passion that goes into making each and every one of our products.

Let's take a look in the bakery

Bread studio

We feel very strongly about product innovation here at Danvo, which is why we have opened a bread studio. It will give us the opportunity to lead the way in our field and develop the ultimate product. Our studio enables us to develop all kinds of new innovations – whether ourselves or with partners and customers – and then test them out. We are proud to say that all of the products developed in the studio are introduced into the bakery based on the very same techniques and ingredients. This guarantees quality and possibilities are clear straight away.