Producten - Preformed & proofed dough pieces

Preformed & proofed dough pieces

Project Description


    Because the dough pieces have an extensive first rise in the bakery. you won’t need a dough proofer any more. Flavours have had plenty of time to develop and the dough has a very light and airy structure.


    Defrost the dough pieces in the refrigerator and then bake them straight from the refrigerator. Baking straight from dough has the advantage that the bread stays fresh longer and retains its thin, crispy crust.


    By working with dough on the shop floor (scoring, cutting, shaping and decorating it), you can surprise consumers with the skill involved. No extra man-hours or time is required, it’s fresher than fresh bread and ideal for people who don’t know that much about bread.

    Working with the preformed & proofed dough pieces